About us

Barra Communication Institute assists companies and individuals in finding their own voice, so that when they talk, they are listened to. Since our establishment in 1996, our Institution has been busy in analyzing, researching and teaching communication. Lecturers of BARRA share a deep interest in understanding what makes people listen to one, while ignoring others.  The founder and lead instructor, Dr. Maria Barra is a senior trainer and professional business- and team coach. 



Corporations around the world spend a lot of money on helping their employees improve their communication skills. They understand that skills to get and pay attention are learnable, that they can be developed and are worthy of investment. However, they also want to measure the return on their investments, ans that is not easy to do. 

That is why we have developed a unique and special tool. We named it CQ Test[1]. Similarily to an IQ Test, it measures an individual's communication intelligence - hence the name: CQ (communication quotient). With the help of CQ Test, corporate customers get a crystal clearpicture of their employee's communication skills before and after taking our courses. The CQ Test provides insights into the strengths and weaknesses an individual/a team/and often the challenges the entire company may be facing when it comes to effective communication. 

The CQ test measures 15 basic tools of one’s communication in three areas, (1) features of speech, (2) body-language and (3) wording. It helps develop self-awareness showing a person’s strengths and weaknesses in communication. The CQ average score is a reliable and valid indicator of a person’s strengths and weaknesses in interpersonal communications.

The analysis also shows the client’s current potential of being Present – the most crucial means of a leader or a presenter in getting and keeping attention. The analysis of the test helps us in working effectively with our clients during the whole process, in a success-oriented manner.



Unless prior authorization is obtained from a client to use our sessions for a case study or testimonial, all information shared, exchanged and notes kept during the sessions are treated confidentially. No information about the nature of the business contact is disclosed to third parties without prior consent from our client.



Our clients include individuals and groups from multinational companies, mainly from the IT, banking and FMCG sectors, but we have advised, trained and mentored personnel of TV channels, telecommunication companies and historical churches, too. 

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[1] CQ Test is the development of Barra Communications and represents its intellectual property