Aim of course

Participants discover that communication is more than it seems to be: not an inborn capacity, but it is measurable and can be improved significantly for anyone. They get to understand that the impression people make and the clearness of their messages depends on unconscious aspects of their communication. They explore what these unconscious aspects are, and how they affect the impression of the listener. First, by the help of the CQ Test™ developed by our institute, we measure the level of communication skills. The test provides participants with a special mirror that highlights strengths and areas where one needs improvement. The course develops professional use of the 15 most important communication tools measured by the test and at the same time provides participants with the ability to improve further on their own.

Expected results

By way of practice participants learn to use their communication toolbox consciously, so that their messages will “go through”. They become capable of raising and keeping attention that makes them more efficient and conscious in every situation involving communication (negotiation, presentation, debate, etc.). In functioning as a leader this is the most essential skillset.

Who benefits from this course? 

We recommend it to those, who want to be quick, unambiguous and efficient in communication. According to our past participants, anybody working in business should take this course, especially if the person aims for high performance as a leader.

Short summary

Feedback based on CQ Test™ results. Identification of communication tools. How can I control these tools? What makes me look confident? How can I become memorable?  The toolbox of body language. The basics of content design – if things fit together in my head than it is presentable. Raising and keeping attention. How to be in Presence? How to get rid of stage fright? Measuring development – closing CQ Test™.

The training takes 2 day, max. group size is 12 people. A pre-training CQ Test is required.
After the training, we provide participants with 3 occasions of SMS-based follow-up. (In the 1st quarter of 2017 this is free of charge.)



Mária Barra Ph. D. (LinkedIn)
lead trainer, coach

Lead trainer of Barra Communication Institute, she has 30 years of experience as radio announcer and presenter. Specializes in speech quality. 

Judit Szádvári (LinkedIn)
course director, trainer

Shre strengthens the training team of Barra Communication Institute for 10 years. Specializes in clear "dirt"-less communications and sports communication.