CQ Teszt is a measurement tool developed by the Barra Communication Insitute. Schedule for taking the test

It provides a diagnosis that shows the communication skill level of participants both individually and at the group level. It measures 15 basic elements of communication in 3 main areas (speech quality, body language, content design). It uncovers what is in need of development and which are those strengths that can be readily capitalized on. Furthermore, the test provides information concerning the level of the virtues of credibility and presence. These two virtues are important in all kinds of communication situations and they are of key importance for leaders.

Benefits of taking the test

-        provides participants with a mirror

-        makes possible targeted development in the course of a training

-        development becomes measurable

Schedule for taking the test Duration of the test

The test can be taken on the site the customer or it can take place in the easily accessible training room of the Barra Communication Institute.

Each participant delivers a short presentation that is video-recorded.  This is the basis of our analysis.

After the evaluation is done, everybody gets his/her own CQ Test™ results and recordings (this includes a printed sheet and a pendrive as well). The recordings and all personal information is handled with maximum respect to privacy and the personal rights of participants.

The result of the CQ Test™ is valid for 1.5 years, therefore it can form a basis for multiple trainings. At the end of each training participants take the test again, so development becomes measurable.

Duration of the test

Individually (for leaders): 30 mins / person. For groups (this is recommended for general staff): approx. 1.5 hours / a group of 10-12 people  

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