Aim of course

We are all different. We have different temperaments, and we behave differently. Personality types are key factors determining our relationships. Recognizing this is vital in the workplace environment. It is not by chance that companies focus more and more on learning about behavioral types and on improving cooperation based on that knowledge. During the course we build on the behavioral model called DISC, and we put it to good practical use in the context of workplace communication. We teach participants how to identify these behavioral types quickly and the best ways to handle them.

Expected results

Participants will be able to use the adequate communication style with their clients or workmates who all fall into many different personality types and they will also get to know how to handle their own. They become better in preparing for different communication situations (e.g.: customer relations, preventing and handling conflicts, establishing smooth cooperation). Building on both the DISC behavioral model and the assertive approach they become more efficient in negotiation and in building relationships.

Who benefits from this course? Summary

Those who are involved in teamwork and either as a member or a leader communicate with others on a regular basis. It is useful for salespeople and customer service agents interacting clients frequently and also for procurement managers and sales managers who have to negotiate quite often.


The DISC model and how to use it. What kind of person am I? Quick DISC test. The benefits and disadvantages of my personality type. Quick personality type assessment, with practice. Preparing for a partner based on his/her personality type. Handling a difficult partner. The role of personality types in achieving win-win situations. Words and behaviors to avoid and to use. How to practice and how to develop further?

The training takes 2 day, max. group size is 12 people. A pre-training CQ Test is required.
After the training, we provide participants with 3 occasions of SMS-based follow-up. (In the 1st quarter of 2017 this is free of charge.)



Mária Barra Ph. D. (LinkedIn)
lead trainer, coach

Lead trainer of Barra Communication Institute, she has 30 years of experience as radio announcer and presenter. Specializes in speech quality. 

Judit Szádvári (LinkedIn)
course director, trainer

Shre strengthens the training team of Barra Communication Institute for 10 years. Specializes in clear "dirt"-less communications and sports communication.