Aim of course

When the success of a project or convincing a client or your boss depends on a presentation, you have only one chance. Therefore you would better aim for an interesting, memorable presentation. We will give you everything you need to prepare exemplary presentations.

Expected results

Participants get simple but effective tools to enhance their presentations. They become capable of using their tools of communication more consciously. They learn to compose well-structured, clear, and easy to follow presentations both inside the company and in front of clients. They learn to use simple and easy techniques that can be readily used. They also learn to handle stage fright.

Who benefits from this course? 

Those who have to deliver presentations frequently, but are not quite satisfied with the result. Also those who like to present, but feel that they still have room to improve. Those who never get questions (or purchase orders from clients) after their presentations.

Short summary

The characteristics of a good presentation: communication tools at the level of speech and body language. The art of persuasion. Composing purposefully. The less is more principle. Data, statistics, financial statements in a presentation. Who is your audience – rules based on the communication hexagram. The power of stories: structure. How to get rid of stage fright? The harmony of form and content: rules of form for presentations. The proof of the pudding: give a presentation for the group.

The training takes 2 day, max. group size is 12 people. A pre-training CQ Test is required.
After the training, we provide participants with 3 occasions of SMS-based follow-up. (In the 1st quarter of 2017 this is free of charge.)



Mária Barra Ph. D. (LinkedIn)
lead trainer, coach

Lead trainer of Barra Communication Institute, she has 30 years of experience as radio announcer and presenter. Specializes in speech quality. 

Judit Szádvári (LinkedIn)
course director, trainer

Shre strengthens the training team of Barra Communication Institute for 10 years. Specializes in clear "dirt"-less communications and sports communication.