Aim of course

Many suppose that writing is an easy task, as we can think through what we want to write, moreover we can make corrections to our texts. However, writing lacks the power of live communication, gestures, mimicry that helps our understanding and the emergence of empathy between partners. The aim of our course is develop competence in written communication relevant for the workplace both in internal and external communication. We work with exercises based on written material extracted from the everyday practice of various companies.

Expected results

Participants learn to phrase in a clear and unambiguous way; they get perspectives on e-mail based and other kinds of written communication (e.g. reports, disclosure statements, summaries) and on how to check up on themselves. They also get advice on how to develop themselves further. 

Who benefits from this course?

Recommended for those who engage regularly in written communication with external and internal partners and who aim for clear and effective written communication.

Short summary

Most important features of written communication. E-mail: when, for whom, what? E-mail etiquette. Supplements, links and attachments. Preparing other kinds of written materials. One thought, one sentence. The power of clear messages. Verbal imaging – memorability. Less is more? Vocabulary, wording. Avoiding ambiguities. Those damn attributes. Basic principles of content design. Format and outlook. The tricks of self-censorship.

The training takes 2 day, max. group size is 12 people. A pre-training CQ Test is required.
After the training, we provide participants with 3 occasions of SMS-based follow-up. (In the 1st quarter of 2017 this is free of charge.)



Mária Barra Ph. D. (LinkedIn)
lead trainer, coach

Lead trainer of Barra Communication Institute, she has 30 years of experience as radio announcer and presenter. Specializes in speech quality. 

Judit Szádvári (LinkedIn)
course director, trainer

Shre strengthens the training team of Barra Communication Institute for 10 years. Specializes in clear "dirt"-less communications and sports communication.