What makes it so special? 

We tailor all our courses to the needs of our clients, but in the case of this solution after a comprehensive survey we select the course elements best fitting the set goals in a close cooperation with our client. So, this is not a ready-made course on the menu, it is a custom-made solution combined from many different course and coaching elements.

The process

1.   We map problems and goals on a personal consultation. We create a problem map and suggest a solution. This can be one course or a longer process as well depending on the complexity of the problem and the amount of time the client wants to devote to the issue.

2.   We measure the level of communication competence of participants using the CQ Test™. In case the client requests it we use other measurement methods as well.

3.   Based on the consultation and the measurements we prepare a proposal. Working together with our client we set priorities, determine necessary steps and compile the best possible solution that can be a course, a workshop, team-coaching, personal coaching or a combination of all these.

During the whole process we provide support by expert opinion but the goals and priorities depend on the client. (For example: the goal is to improve the communication of leaders which includes motivation as a highlighted goal, but conflict prevention and the improvement of written communication are also important. Our solution includes all three elements with motivation in the spotlight.)

4.   Following the development process, we test participants again using the CQ Test™ and also based on other tools determined together with the client. Then we measure whether the goals we set were achieved.

Who would benefit from it

Companies, especially in the middle of a transformation. HR leaders who look for long-lasting solutions and who believe in measurable results. Leaders who want to know precisely what benefit can skill development bring to them (the numerical value of it).

We work with small groups (max. 12 people). Training time depends on the particular solution we work out together. CQ Test is required. 
After the training we provide participants with 3 occasions of SMS based follow-up. (In the 1st quarter of 2017 this is free of charge. 




Mária Barra Ph. D. (LinkedIn)
lead trainer, coach

Lead trainer of Barra Communication Institute, she has 30 years of experience as radio announcer and presenter. Specializes in speech quality. 

Judit Szádvári (LinkedIn)
course director, trainer

Shre strengthens the training team of Barra Communication Institute for 10 years. Specializes in clear "dirt"-less communications and sports communication.